Recreation Advisory Committee


  • Meets as needed
  • City Council Chambers, City Hall
Notice of all meetings is provided to the members and posted on the bulletin board at City Hall at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the meeting and is subject to Section 286.011 Florida Statutes, et. Seq. (Public Meeting Law).


The Recreation Advisory Committee is a 7 member volunteer committee appointed by the City Council. Members should be residents of the City and shall have experience or an interest in recreational needs of the City.

Membership may be renewed as authorized by the Council. Members serve without remuneration but may be reimbursed for actual expenses incurred as authorized and approved by the City Council.

Duties & Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of the Committee are to provide a forum to receive input from citizens of the City of Chipley on recreational matters within the City. The Committee shall function as a recommending agency to the City Council on recreational matters. Public input into the Committee may occur through individual recommendations or other written form.


This Committee does not operate under a separate budget; however, the City Administrator’s Office shall provide administrative support to the Committee.


  • Appointment Term: Terms vary in length
  • Financial Disclosure: Not Required
  • Terms begin on October 1 of each year