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Historic Photographs of Chipley

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Photo Gallery

Photographs are from the Florida Department of State - Division of Historical Resources Collection

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Aerial view on a Postcard mailed from Tallahassee
Post marked March Third, 1908. Click photo to see full size.


William Dudley Chipley, "Mr. Railroad of West Florida." Managed properties of the L&N Railroad.  Under his leadership the L&N invested in Pensacola, building warehouses, wharves, a grain elevator and a coaling station so that it became a thriving port. Chipley served in the Florida Senate from 1895-1897.  

Reference Collection


Standing second from left General David Lang of Tallahassee. Seated second from left William D. Chipley. Seated fourth from left Francis P. Fleming, Florida Governor 1889 to1893.Florida State Troops, established in 1887, became the Florida National Guard in 1909.

Francis P. Fleming served as Florida's governor from January 8, 1889 until January 3, 1893. After his term as governor, he served on the board of trustees of the new Florida Old Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Home. Fleming, the fiftieth governor, was born at Panama Park, in Duval County, on September 28, 1841, the son of Lewis and Margaret (Seton) Fleming. His father farmed a St. Johns river plantation, and the son was educated at home by tutors. Prior to Florida's secession from the Union, Fleming engaged in business. With the War, he enlisted as a private in a company of volunteers which was incorporated into the famous 2nd Florida Regiment. He earned a Virginia battlefield promotion to First Lieutenant. While home on sick leave, he commanded a company of volunteers at the Battle of Natural Bridge. After the War, he studied law and achieved a statewide reputation. An outstanding achievement of Governor Fleming's administration was his call for a special session of the Legislature to establish a State Board of Health with the suppression of Yellow Fever as its immediate responsibility. He died in Jacksonville on December 20, 1908. 

Florida Photographic Collection


  Home of Angus McMillan with folks on porch, Chipley, Florida.  

General Collection


Third Street, Chipley Florida. Photo with handwritten note (date unknown).

General Collection


Young Lois Jean Fussel stacking peanuts. Chipley, Florida (1947).  

Department of Commerce Collection


Louisville & Nashville Depot (1963). 

L&N Railroad Company Railroad Stations



The Lunchroom, a restaurant in Chipley, Florida (1935).

  General Collection




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