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Chipley Redevelopment Agency

It is the intent of the Chipley Redevelopment Agency (CRA), under Part III Community Redevelopment Act, Chapter 163, Florida Statutes, to provide assistance to owners of property located with the Chipley Redevelopment Agency in order to improve the visual and aesthetic appearance of structures located in that area.

The CRA's Facade Renovation Grant Program provides financial assistance for external aesthetic improvements in the form of a reimbursement grant to qualified owners who apply to the CRA for such assistance.

Such exterior improvements may include structural, facade visual treatments (paint, stucco, siding, windows, etc.), awnings,  building code and especially historical theme improvements which reflect Chipley history.  Grants will be awarded only within the CRA's redevelopment area.

Subject to availability, applications may receive up to $3,000 for each facade.  Grant applicants must contribute at least 25% over and above the requested grant amount.

A building on a corner or having a rear facade facing a major street, and containing a single business, may be considered to have two facades, and may combine funding over all, not to exceed $6,000.

Buildings which have been previously subdivided or partitioned may be addressed as separate facades only if the building is subdivided such that:

    A. There are separate primary entrances for each business.

    B.  Each of the businesses has separate and distinct occupational and sales tax licenses.

Eligible Improvements

    1. Refurbishing of an exterior wall, including repainting, repairs, re-siding or similar cosmetic  improvements.

    2. Exterior windows and/or doors, including:

            a.  installation of new or replacement windows and/or doors;

            b.  repair of refurbishing of existing windows and/or doors;

            c.  similar cosmetic improvements;

    3.  Demolition of exterior cosmetic features necessary to install new exterior cosmetic improvements;

    4. Awnings or canopies over windows or walkways and other decorative improvements, including shutters.

Contact Information:

Chipley Redevelopment Agency

685 7th Street - P.O. Box 457

Chipley, FL 32428

Phone: 850 - 638 - 4157

Fax: 850 - 638 - 8770


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