Saving Tips

Saving Tips

The Chipley Utility Department provides a high quality drinking water and system pressure in order to meet the community demands for water service.

The following are a few ideas on how our customers may lower the monthly cost of water service and therefore lower the cost of wastewater service. If you have further questions about our cost saving tips please contact Tim Ray, Utility Director at 850-638-6094.

Saving Water Indoors

  • Check for leaks (faucets, pipes, and toilets)
  • Water saving shower heads and low-flush toilets
  • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth
  • Fully load your dishwasher
  • Wash full loads of clothes

Saving Water Outdoors

  • Don’t over-water the landscaping
  • Water outdoors early in the morning or late in the afternoon
  • Adjust your sprinklers so every drop does its job
  • Don’t water on cool, rainy or windy days
  • Equip all hoses with shut-off nozzles
  • Use drip irrigation systems
  • Plant Florida friendly plants
  • Mulch around plants to keep them wet longer
  • Set your mower blades one notch higher, longer grass means less evaporation
  • Wash the car using a bucket instead of a hose